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Ice Cream Cakes are incredible, mouth-watering desserts. Who doesn’t love ice cream, cake, oreo cookie crusts, whipped cream, nuts and fruit? Ice Cream Cakes can be very expensive if you buy them in a bakery or grocery store. But now you can bake your own Ice Cream Cakes at home! This book contains step-by-step recipes for 30 different Ice Cream Cakes. Buy a copy of this book today and you can make a delicious Ice Cream Cake for your family this weekend.


About the Author


I’m Lori Burke, the Best-Selling author of Best Ever Christmas Dessert Recipes, 30 Delicious Poke Cake Recipes, 30 Delicious Dump Cake Recipes,30 Delicious Ice Cream Cake Recipes, 30 Delicious Refrigerator Cake Recipes, 30 Delicious Family Favorite Cake Recipes, 30 Delicious Brownie & Bar Recipes and 30 Delicious Icebox Cookie Recipes.

I have been an avid baker and cook my entire life. I learned to cook from my Polish Dad and Italian Mom. We had some very interesting meals in our home 🙂 I married my college sweetheart and we have two beautiful children. I’m a regular person who juggles work and family.

I LOVE to bake but often don’t have time for traditional oven-baked cakes or rolled dough cookies. Over the years I’ve collected recipes that are Quick, Simple, Delicious and Fun to make.

In Best Ever Christmas Dessert Recipes I wanted to share some of the traditional Christmas dessert recipes from my childhood along with more contemporary recipes that I collected throughout the years. You’ll find Christmas cookie, cake, bread, dessert and drink recipes. Try the Italian Hot Chocolate ~ it’s DELICIOUS and so different from standard hot chocolate!

Poke Cakes are so much fun to make! You bake a cake and poke holes into the top. Then you pour Jell-O gelatin or Jell-O pudding or homemade fruit syrups and purees over the holes and chill the cake. After that you add sliced fresh fruit on top. Toppings include sweetened whipped cream or Cool-Whip or anything you’d like. You’re only limited by your creativity with Poke Cakes. Kids also LOVE helping to make these cakes!


Dump Cakes are cobblers and they are so delicious ! The Dump Cake recipes are simple, take 5 to 10 minutes of prep time and just 45 minutes to 1 hour to bake.

I also enjoy fast, easy-to-make Refrigerator Cake recipes that I can whip together quickly when I get home. Finally I published my favorite recipes for slice and bake cookies that are quick, easy and delicious.

I love to make Ice Cream Cakes for birthdays and special occasions. My family loves them and there are never any leftovers. You can’t beat ice cream, cake, whipped cream and your choice of ice cream toppings and nuts. Mmmmmmmm!!


I love quick and easy Brownie and Bar recipes that I can make on weekends for my family. I’ve included both bake from scratch and cake mix recipes in my Brownie and Bar Cookbook.

I started making Icebox Cookies years ago. I wanted to have cookies in the freezer when my kids got home from school and we got home from work. I found it was so easy to make roll cookies from scratch and they were much healthier than store-bought cookies.

There are special cakes that I make for family gatherings. I decided to share them all in the Family Favorite Cake cookbook.

My husband and kids love these tasty cakes and cookies. I really hope you like them too. 🙂



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