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Terms of Service

Welcome to Lifework Enterprise!

These terms and conditions outline the rules and regulations for the use of Lifework Enterprise’s Website.

Lifework Enterprise is located —Philippines

Purchases and payments

We are available daily online from Our working hours Daily 9am – 6pm Except for Saturdays/Sundays our support team is OFF any orders made during our working hours will almost instantly be processed after you contact us.

Accepted payment currencies are USD and PHP.
USD Payments are accepted thru Paypal / Wallet only.
PHP Payments (orders => PhP100) are accepted thru all gateways.
e.g. PAYPAL / Paymongo / GCash / Paymaya / Wallet etc.
Offline payment approvals can only be processed during working hours

Any refunds requested because of the delayed response outside our working hours will be rejected entirely. Refund Policy Refunds are applicable in case of no delivery and if the service is not as described within a period of 2 days after an order is processed any refunds requested after two days of the purchase will either be rejected or considered partially based upon our inspection and judgment of the situation.

Refunds are not applicable after the sending and securing the account if proven to be working from the first time if any issues occur after that only warranty on the account applies and no refunds are accepted.

All social media profiles/ Posts must be completely public; any change of the accounts or posts made to private will immediately void your warranty and mark the account as complete. Changing of your username or deactivating your Social Media profile will also void your warranty and mark the order as complete.

No replacement will be made to any account after securing it without sending of the login credentials. We will be able to tell scam attempts when trying to get multiple replacements for the sake of receiving numerous accounts.

Please read the instructions for the processing time of each service on the thread before subscription, multiple inquiries of the start of your order will mark your messages as spam, and we will not respond to any of your messages until the end of completion time. We cannot jump ahead of previous inquiries to answer a newer one. In case you messaged us, whether may it be on WhatsApp – email or through Messenger PM’s and we did not respond to you promptly please consider that we receive dozens of messages per day; therefore, we appreciate your patience until it is your turn.

Any inquiries are only to be handled through one of the following MessengerPmViberAppWhatsAppEmail. Inquires made by posting on our listings will be disregarded and will not be taken into consideration if you have any inquiry consider contacting us using our contact information above.

Spam posting (Trashing our listings) with inquiries and messages to get us to respond to your message this will immediately void your warranty in case of a purchase and mark it as complete, and if there was no purchase, we will completely disregard your words and report you for spammy posts.

We do put respect and appreciation of our buyers before anything else, and we love courtesy and respect in return. Using any disrespectful, offensive language, threats or any TOS content