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A survival manual for ambitious artists entrepreneurs ADVENTURERS You have a Hydra: a grand, ambitious project you’ve always wanted to tackle. It feels overwhelming, unconquerable. Chop off one of a Hydra’s heads, and two more grow in its place.How will you ever defeat such a terrifying monstrosity – and live to tell the tale? In this illuminating fable, productivity expert Josh Kaufman explores the uncertainty and fear inherent in facing down any ambitious challenge, from starting a new business to completing a work of art.The risks involved can never be eliminated, but they can be understood, anticipated, and mitigated. Armed with an adventurer’s insights into tackling unknown and fearsome challenges, you can tame a project of epic proportions.How to Fight a Hydra is an essential handbook for artists, creative professionals, and entrepreneurs tired of ignoring the call to adventure. So prepare for battle, brave soul. Draw your sword. Light your torch. In the darkness ahead, your Hydra awaits.


About the Author

Josh Kaufman is the bestselling author of two previous books: The Personal MBA: Master the Art of Business and The First 20 Hours: How to Learn Anything… Fast!. His books have sold over half a million copies worldwide, and have been translated into twenty-two languages.



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