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A fun, whimisical primer to the New Thought movement.

THE MYTH: Success makes you happy.
THE FACT: Happiness makes you successful.

It’s not about who you know, or even what you know. It’s about how good you feel, which, luckily for you, is entirely within your own power. Discover how to feel good, replace patterns of fear and failure with love and kindness, and create the life of abundance you’ve always dreamt of:

•  Doing work you love
•  Surrounded by people you love
•  And with the love of your life

In a Nutshell‘ features throughout provide useful reminders of the key valuable lessons in each chapter.

How Life Works is illustrated with 90 of Andrew’s trademark sketches. “My cartoons illustrate the message”, says Andrew. “Cartoons also remind us not to take life too seriously.”


About the Author

Andrew Matthews is a speaker at conferences worldwide on happiness and prosperity and is the author of a range of popular self-help books that have sold in 43 languages, including Being Happy! and Follow Your Heart. He has addressed over a thousand corporations over five continents, from banks, hospitals, government institutions and IT companies to prisons, universities and schools. His specialty areas include life-work balance, embracing change, dealing with disasters and achieving success. He is based in Queensland, Australia, and he has appeared on over 4,000 TV and radio programmes.


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