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Rise and shine to the aroma of freshly baked treats! Get inspired to savor the day with delicious, easy-to-make recipes in Baking for Breakfast: Sweet and Savory Treats for Mornings at Home, the comprehensive chef’s guide to breakfast baking at home.

Acclaimed chef and cookbook author Donna Leahy shares her secrets for making fabulous breakfast baked goods with over 130 step-by-step recipes for donuts, muffins, coffeecakes, biscotti and more. With gorgeous color photographs and practical tips, the mouth-watering recipes in Baking for Breakfast will become your trusted favorites for both A.M. entertaining and leisurely breakfasts at home.

•Wow your guests with elegant, creative baked goods like Maple Caramel Sticky Buns and Raspberry Cream Coffeecake
•Delight your family and friends with freshly baked Chocolate Donuts, Ham and Cheese Scones and Peanut Crumb Chocolate Chip Muffins
•Enjoy updated, easy-to-follow recipes for a delicious variety of breakfast classics, including croissants, bagels, English muffins and brioche
With gorgeous color photographs and practical tips, Baking for Breakfast will inspire you to create delicious baked goods for enjoying leisurely breakfasts at home.

“Leahy shares her popular, easy-to-follow recipes that combine a flair for seasonal tastes with simple flavors.” Ecookbooks.com

“Time constraints mean that Leahy favors recipes that are not overly complicated and others that can be prepared in advance. Breakfasts are a particular strength.” Publisher’s Weekly


About the Author

Chef Donna Leahy is an award-winning cookbook author and cooking teacher who has been featured on the Today Show, CBS Early Show and the Food Network. Her cookbooks include the best-selling Eggs for Breakfast: Delicious, Healthy Recipes to Jump-Start Your Day, Morning Glories, and Recipe for a Country Inn. Her recipes and cuisine have been featured in national publications including USA Today, The Washington Post and Fine Cooking. She writes cookbooks on a range of topics, all focused on eating well with easy-to-follow recipes.

Chef Donna Leahy provides easy to follow recipes to help you prepare restaurant-quality food at home. Original recipes that work and taste terrific – what a concept! Donna’s cookbooks help you enjoy preparing your own food and eat better in the process. Chef Leahy’s books offer step by step recipes and guidelines that will help you prepare great meals today.

Donna Leahy is the former chef/owner of a fine dining restaurant and one of the top 10 country inns in the country. When not in the kitchen, she likes to travel, Scuba dive and drink wine (not necessarily at the same time). She lives in southwest Florida with her husband Bob.

Want to know more? Check out Donna’s books at donnaleahy.com and sign up for her newsletter to receive new book alerts and bonus offers.

“Leahy shares her popular, easy-to-follow recipes, including morning standards, elegant dinners, and mouth-watering desserts that combine a flair for seasonal tastes with simple flavors.”

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