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If you have completed your higher studies, you must have probably planned out your career well by now but if you are one of those who is still unable to choose a career that is rewarding, then this app is for you! Career satisfaction plays a major role in overall life happiness. That’s the reason, why career counselors recommend taking career advice to help choose a career that fits your interest, values, personality, strength and most importantly, helps you choose a career in the industry that is ever-growing and offers lucrative growth opportunities at different levels of your career. This app is also for all those who are planning to make a career change. If you too are struggling with any of the circumstances in which you have to decide on making a career change, it’s important that you download this app now and understand the common mistakes people make when changing their careers. You’ll also discover how to make swot analysis in this app and side-by-side discover the best career development advice that will help you pick the right career path. Choosing what industry to work in is also one of the most challenging aspects every individual comes across. No doubt, the choice of jobs is limitless but once you know about the various fields, it would become easier for you to choose the right one.


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